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Traditionally, yoga was taught one-on-one. Private yoga lessons are an excellent way to achieve the full benefits of yoga, as they are fully customized. They are held at the studio or off-site at people’s homes or offices, in which you receive direct and personalized guidance in your Yoga practice.

Each yoga class is specifically designed for you, programs can be built around physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and mantras, based on your individual needs. Learning and practicing asanas and pranayama, taking into consideration your fitness level, your stress level, your personal health and goals is the most effective way to learn yoga.

Private yoga classes can be one-on-one or in small groups (for instance couples, family, friends). They usually last 1.5 hours.

You can choose the day and the time of your sessions. Classes can be held at our studio or at location of your convenience.


1 person

2 persons

3 persons


60 min

HUF 12000  HUF 14000  HUF 16000 

90 min

HUF 15000  HUF 17000  HUF 20000 

60 min

HUF 54000  HUF 63000  HUF 72000 

90 min

HUF 65000  HUF 77000  HUF 90000 

The prices above are net prices.


Please, contact us directly to shedule classes. ([email protected])



Note, that all private class/pass is payable directly at Yoga Bazaar (1075 Budapest, Astoria, Károly krt 1. 2/4.) after class in cash OR transferred (info via e-mail) and the 10% AUM discount (newsletter subscription, pass renewal, etc.) does not apply.

English Speaking Yoga Teachers


Valter Éva

Prenatal and Baby yoga instructor

Stráhl Kati

Gerinc jóga - Spine yoga and hatha yoga instructor

Gülcan Üstünsel

Hatha yoga instructor

Gluscevic Hajnal

Iyengar yoga instructor

Puskás Anikó

Women yoga instructor