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Nagy Janina

Nagy Janina

Hatha Yoga Instructor

Educations: 500 hrs RYT Yoga Alliance Certificate, Yin Yoga
Certificate, Yoga Nidra, Fitness Instructor, Trapeeze Yoga Alliance Certificate

Classes: Yin yoga

Hi, I’m Nina—your friendly neighborhood yoga guide.

As I approached thirty, with limited flexibility and a body resistant to every move, I got bitten by the ‘yoga bug’; and so my journey of transformation began. It wasn’t just about physical health; it was a power to overcome my anxiety.

My Journey & Philosophy: I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain a rich variety of learning and teaching experiences throughout the UK, UAE, Egypt, and India. Imperfection is not just okay; it’s a vital part of the journey. I teach with a therapeutic approach, honoring tradition while leaving space for our modern “flaws”.

I’m so lucky and grateful to be able to share the knowledge that has propelled me forward both mentally and physically. Join me in a session of self-discovery through yin yoga.

What to Expect: Yin is a practice where we create space in the mind and body. While poses are held long in a calm state, they can draw on mental strength, offering a unique blend of tranquility and resilience. This practice encourages introspection, inviting you to explore the balance between ease and endurance. It feels like creating fire in an ice lake 🙂


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