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Botka Petra

Botka Petra

Qualification:  Pilates Instructor

Class: Pilates

I started to practice Pilates in 2018 ending (or beginning) a long journey. At that time I had a strong belief that I was not great at any physical activities. Moving my body meant a real torture to me, without any fun or joy. But Pilates with its slow and beautiful exercises opened a door and changed my perspective.

Practicing it has become part of my daily mindfulness routine with joy and fun. The other thing is, that with Pilates I’ve managed my PCOS (and all related symptoms) successfully without pills. (Please note, it also required my doctor’s supervising and changing my eating habits).

I’m happy in my body right now and my regular labs are great from time to time. This type of movement is the opportunity itself. Anyone can practice Pilates anytime, no matter what age or gender. My passion is to get people back to painless daily life with increased or preserved mobility. We all want to be happy and healthy with age… it starts with moving our body freely.

About the class: During my classes I’ll go with you and we’ll practice together. The repetitions are short (max. 8 or 10) with special focus on your breathing. I do my best to keep my classes diverse and enjoyable with paying attention to each class member and their needs or actual physical level.

Would you like to try it? I hope we will meet!


Botka Petra’s classes: