Exploring Alignment, Stability and Precision in yoga postures

2019. május 11. | SZOMBAT 12:30-15:00


Participation fee: 5.900 Ft 

Kezdés: 2019. május 11., szombat 12:30

Helyszín: AUM Jóga Blaha, GANESHA terem (1085 Bp., Stáhly u. 13.)

Yoga is a journey of self-enquiry. Exploring and breaking through our boundaries require not only courage and discipline but creativity, openness, and playfulness too. We invite you for an inspiring and fun workshop that explores new ways of creating alignment, stability and precision in the yoga postures – with the use of the yoga chair.

One of the greatest innovations of B.K.S. Iyengar is the use of self-designed props (such as bricks, belts, ropes, etc.) that enable every person to improve her/his asana practice and attain benefit from it. This workshop focuses on one such prop: the chair.

The main purposes of using the chair as a prop for yoga are to help the practitioner:

  • Achieve and maintain correct alignment during the practice
  • Learn the correct shapes, actions, and directionality in each posture
  • Perform asanas which are difficult to perform independently
  • Stay longer and relax in challenging postures
  • Study and investigate the asanas to a greater depth

The workshop is suitable for practicioners of all styles of yoga who want to deepen their understanding of the postures in a creative and fun way!

The workshop requires a basic understanding of the asanas – at least 6 months of regular practice.