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united_kingdom_quality_flag_circle_round_sticker-ra0b115704dd443f4b0f9a27dae188380_v9waf_8byvr_512[1]Yoga programmes in English: regular hatha yoga and prenatal yoga classes, yoga workshops and Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Hatha Yoga classes in English

Mondays(HÉTFŐ) at 7:15PM with Zsofia Fischer
Wednesdays (SZERDA) at 7:15PM with Zsofia Fischer
Thursdays (CSÜTÖRTÖK) at 12:30PM with Julieta Navarro
Thursdays (CSÜTÖRTÖK) at 19:15PM with Hajnal Gluscevic

ZsófiClasses are suitable for advanced beginners, also recommended for those who wish to strenghten the foundation of their practice. The classes focus on yogic cleansing techniques, proper breathing, body alignment and learning the basic and intermediate yoga postures, strenghtening the lower back, abdominal muscles, legs and upper body. This class promotes balance, flexibility and stress reduction.

Yoga means union. The word comes from the root Yuk, which means to yoke, to join or unite. In Hatha Yoga one practices asanas (physical postures) and pranayama (breath control) to find union of body, mind and breath. The body is strengthened and prepared for meditation.  Ha-Tha means Sun-Moon, always maintaining equilibrium. In Yoga, you also discover that you are not separate from the Oneness. The connection between Jivatman (the individual soul) with Paramatman (Supreme Soul or Brahman) is realized.

Please register for the classes every time you plan to come
by clicking  by the title of the class in the schedule (scroll down).

Prenatal Yoga in English

on Fridays (PÉNTEK) at 5:00PM with Zsofia Fischer

Yoga, the ancient practice of body and mind, is adapted to maximize its benefits for the period of pregnancy. As yoga in general, prenatal yoga helps to find balance, physical and mental health while observing yourself, turning inwards. During pregnancy, naturally you turn your attention to the growing embryo, to the baby. By observing the sensations of the body while strengthening and stretching, you tune in to yourself and to the baby.

During prenatal yoga, besides doing yoga asanas (postures) and other exercises, you also learn breathing, relaxation and other mental techniques which can greatly help you during the pregnancy and delivery. Prenatal yoga, besides keeping you fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy, helps to prepare your body and mind for the birth, so it becomes a wonderful experience. Prenatal yoga can be practiced during the entire pregnancy, except for weeks 9 to 12 when only breathing and relaxation exercises are permitted.

Please register for the classes every time you plan to come
by clicking  by the title of the class in the schedule (scroll down).

shadow2Shadow Yoga Workshop

21-22 February 2015




indu arora - seated 35 - for monitorYoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training Programme
with Dr Indu Arora 

Yoga Alliance registered

Starting September 2015 

Details of the 2014 programme



Registration for classes

We require registration for EVERY class you plan to come to. You can do it in the schedule by clicking  besides the appropriate class or by sending us an email or SMS to: or 06 30 552 3070. Thank you!

Yoga Prices

Valid from 1 November, 2014



2 200HUF
  • 90 minutes Class

5 Class Pass

10 000HUF
  • Valid thru 6 weeks

10 Class Pass

19 000HUF
  • Valid thru 12 weeks

20 Class Pass

34 000HUF
  • Valid thru 12 weeks
*Trial Pass: New guest is who hasn’t participated at a yoga class in our Studio before. Suspending your pass: When you are ill or you travel, you can suspend your pass for 1 week, if you have a 5 Class Pass, if you have a 10 or 20 Class Pass, you can suspend it for 2 weeks. Please let us know if you need to suspend your pass!


New Guests

If you are new at our studio, you can buy a Trial Pass, which is for you to try out our different classes. See above.

Student & Pensioner Discount

You can have a discount for our Passes (5-10-20) if you are a student or a pensioner. Please provide a proof of your status. Discounts are not to be merged.

Payment Options


We can only accept cash at our reception. You can find a cash machine very near at OTP Bank.

How to reach us

We are in the heart of Budapest – at Astoria. The address is: 3a Károly krt., VIIth district. You can find us in a yellow painted house which is shown on this map:


You can always find place for your car in the parking court in Rumbach Sebestyén street, or in Dohány street, which are shown on this map:

Contact us

By e-mail:

On phone: 06 30 552 30 70

Personally in our office: 1. Károly krt., VIIth district –  right staircase 2nd floor

(NOTE! This is our office, yoga classes are in 3a Karoly krt.)